See Marine Turtles

  •  40$ (2 pers)
  •  2-3 hours
  •  June from to december

More about this activity:

  One of the most magnificants shows of nature ! Discover how sea turtles dig their nests, how babies hatch in the natural reserve, Isla Juan Venado. On our tours, according to the season, you will get to see the mums lay their eggs or the hatching of the babies, and you may even get to release babies to the ocean. This is magic ! Our tour includes the boat from and to the Hostal with a local guide. Species you may see : Lepidochelys Olivacea, Carey, Leather back (in december). Motivated by the development of a responsible tourism and a long-term commitment with Las Peñitas, the boot tours are properties of the community.

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