Birthday Month

A few hours and twenty hands in the mud for thousands of trees for hundreds of years.

Thank you to the guides who, day after day, cherish the nursery of Barca de Oro to preserve the nature reserve.

Thank you to the volunteers, adults, children, from the community, or another part of the planet, because our Earth and his environment don’t have borders.

This reforestation was organized by the guides of the nature reserve. It.s free for children. The financial participation of adults was used to finance the essence of boats. Do you want to sign up for the next one?

We had to modernize, so we just launced our new web site. Very nice, with a lot of information and new options. Look for it now !

Also discover our new logo:


With nostalgia we said goodbye to our first logo. Designed by Marianita from 4 years of age (13 years ago). Her mother told her : “draw me happiness in Barca de Oro”. And she did.
Thanks to our first logo that has represented us during this time and has brought us good luck. Thanks to Marianita.


All the crew members of Barca de Oro send their best wishes and want you to say “have a very good and save trip” to Carlos and Markos, the 2 french guys. Do you know them?
5 years ago (Carlos) and 1 year (Markos) it was their job that the guests feel good. Turist or local. Helping them with tours, translating, inventing new activities.

They did a great job, and we are going to miss them, but the world is waiting for them, they are going to have lots of new adventures and new jobs in Europe. And we know that they are taking a little bit of Nicaragua with them in their hearts.

Now, we want to introduce you to  2 new members in our team : Julie from France and Liset from Holland. We give them a very warm welcome, and we hope they have a fantastic experience in our beloved Nicaragua and  hostal restaurant Barca de Oro.