Courses & surf rental

  •  10$ (Board) 20$ (Course & Board)
  •  Board: day / Course: 1 hour
  •  All year long

More about this activity:

  A tropical surf experience !  Enjoy the warm ocean all year around ! Beginner or expert ? Las Peñitas has very good waves to offer : let the locals show you where. We rent boards, bodyboards or connect you with a local coach for classes. Motivated by the development of a responsible tourism and a long-term commitment with Las Peñitas, the boot tours are properties of the community.   [gallery size="gallery-medium" type="standard-gallery" include="" exclude="" link="file" order="DESC" orderby="menu_order ID" columns="6"]  

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Barca de Oro, Playa Las Peñitas, León, Nicaragua

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